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What can you really achieve in half an hour?

If you’re stretched to your capacity with work, family and everyday admin, you'll likely experience moments of overwhelm and helplessness. When you get a sniff of a new commitment (even something that you might love to do) you immediately want to bat it away, and you long for the day when you just have the headspace to think clearly and be more in control of your time.

In fact, you’re never helpless. You’re more in control than you think you are and you have the power to transform how you deal with what’s on your plate, however, huge it might appear.

Look at your diary now: when you cut out all the surface noise, what really, really matters? Take 30 minutes out and answer these four questions completely honestly:

What are your goals for the year?

What do you want to be spending your time doing?

What could you say no to?

What could other people help you with now or after a little bit of training?

Despite your mind chatter telling you otherwise, there is always 30 minutes in your week or day that you could use to help you to gain focus, purpose and control. I often use train journeys, time spent waiting – for appointments, picking up children, or before you sit down to relax in the evening; whenever you’re on your own and would otherwise be scrolling through something only semi-interesting on your phone. Write the answers down and commit to follow through on them as soon as you can.

Half an hour of focused time is worth several hours of unfocused busy-ness. If you’ve never tried the Pomodoro technique, give it a try.

And if you could use some help cutting through the surface noise, I now offer 30 minute coaching calls which you can schedule in at a time that suits you, and book and pay for on my website.

30 minutes where you can come with a challenge and we'll hit it hard until we come up with ideas, tools and solutions to leave you lighter, more motivated and more focused. It couldn’t be easier to gain the perspective, clarity and tools to live and work better.

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