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From Pretty Words to Powerful Purpose: Embedding Values in Your Business 

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We've all seen them – the mission statements gathering dust on a wall, the values hidden away on a website footer. It's enough to make you wonder, "Do company values even matter in a small business like mine?" 

Of course, I’m going to answer that with a resounding “Yes!”. Strong values are the glue that binds your team, attracts the right customers, and fuels your success. But how do we avoid the dreaded "stuck on the wall" syndrome and translate those words into everyday action? Here's your masterclass on making your values run through your organisation like a stick of rock: 


Step 1: Ditch the clichés, find your essence

Forget generic terms like "innovation" and "excellence" (unless there's a meaningful story behind them). Instead, dig deeper. What makes your company unique? What drives you? What do you absolutely stand for? These are your true values, the ones that will resonate with your team and customers. 


Step 2: From recruitment to recognition

Now, let's bring those values to life. Start by integrating them into your recruitment process. Look for candidates who embody your values, not just technical skills. Once they're on board, make values a core part of the employee experience. This means: 

  • Leaders walk the talk: If you value collaboration, don't be a micromanager. Show, don't just tell. 

  • Values aren't just words: Ask employees how they demonstrate your values in their daily work, and share their success stories. I run a 'creative challenge' workshop where small teams compete to come up with the best ideas for embedding values in the organisation. It's a half day that leaves them energised, connected and motivated to live the organisation's values.

  • Every interaction counts: From performance reviews to recognition programmes (think "Employee of the Value Month"), weave your values into the fabric of your company. 


Step 3: Values Aren't Just Internal, They're Magnetic 

Your values shouldn't stop at the door. They should be evident in your customer interactions. If you value sustainability, showcase your eco-friendly practices. If you value community, sponsor local events. This attracts customers who share your values, creating a powerful magnet for your business. 

Remember: Values aren't an exercise you do once and then forget about. They're a continuous journey. Keep talking about them, celebrating them, and living them. Soon, your values won't be something on a wall, but a vibrant, dynamic force driving your business forward. 

Bonus Tips: 

  • Get creative: Use storytelling, visuals, and even games to make your values come alive. 

  • Measure the impact:  Track employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and other metrics to see how your values are paying off. 

  • Be authentic: Don't force values that don't fit your company culture. 


If you're curious to explore your vision, mission and values but feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, please do get in touch. I’ve helped lots of small and large organisations to unlock the purpose that motivates their teams and attracts their best customers. 

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