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What if I don't have a passion to find?

It seems everywhere you look at the moment people are telling us to find our passion, and indeed I have a coaching package with that exact title.

You might know someone who quit their 9-5 and now runs their own carpentry business. But what does finding your passion actually mean and what if you don’t have a secret passion that you could make a career out of?

In fact, most of us don’t. When I work with people to ‘find their passion’ I don’t expect them to be secret knitters who have always dreamed of selling knitted cats on etsy (although that would be cool). What I’m helping them to discover is their unique values, strengths, weaknesses and super talents. Just because you enjoy decorating your home, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily become a painter and decorator (unless that’s what you secretly do want to do…). When you take something you love and turn it into a means to pay the bills, it can often strip the fun and love out of it.

I use focused exercises that encourage you to think about the things that really matter to you and your unique purpose in life.

Useful questions to start you off are things like:

If I put a laptop in front of you and said you could research anything you like for 2 hours, what would you look at?

What do people always thank you for?

What would your best friend say was your biggest talent?

When you’ve identified the stuff that puts the fire in your belly and creates that magical flow where you lose all track of time, that’s when you explore the different ways you can inject more of it into your life. Perhaps there are opportunities to do more of it in your current work, maybe you need a job or career change, or maybe you simply need to make time in your week to do it – join a class, club or spend more time with people who have similar talents.

When you recognize what’s really important to you and what your true purpose in life is, that’s finding your passion. When you honour it and embed it in the core of your life, that’s fulfillment.

If you could use some help finding your passion, visit

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