It's never been so important to differentiate yourself from your competitors and build meaningful relationships with your audiences.

Whether you're just starting your consultancy or freelance journey, and aren't sure how to talk about yourself, or if you've been doing it for a while but feel you've lost your way a bit, I can help you find clarity and a practical way forward.

Now is the time to take that much needed step back and differentiate yourself from others in your market place. I'll help you define what it is you really offer, and why you do it. And from this, your brand voice, key audiences and communications strategy will naturally fall out.

I can help you to uncover the spark that sets you alight and makes you different from your competitors. And by defining exactly who you are and what really matters to you you'll be able to run your business in an authentic way, playing to your strengths and letting your personality shine through.


Contact me today to find out how I can help you to build your distinctive personal brand in these extraordinary times.

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I can't recommend Helen highly enough! Not only did she help me with understanding my business's marketing strategy and messaging, we had some really good fun along the way.


We also tackled my business values which I knew deep down but had never articulated before. Great exercises to extract that information too - made me think a lot but in a great way. I won't hesitate to use Helen again in the future too to check my marketing messages are still on track. Fantastic work.

- Beth Wallace, Director, Wallace Consulting