The world has never changed so fast, and businesses must constantly adapt and innovate to survive. This can leave their people stressed, demotivated and unfocused. My packages will help to support you and your people through times of intense change.

Establishing Purpose


Neuroscience (and people) tell us again and again that when people are clear on their purpose, they are happier, more creative and more productive.


We’ll get a cross section of your people in a room together and by the end of the day you’ll have a working set of vision, mission and values you’ll feel proud of.

  • 1 day workshop

  • Briefing meeting

  • Bespoke exercises

  • Working set of vision, mission values to take forward

Dealing with Change


If your organisation has undergone big and lasting changes, your people may be unsettled, demotivated and lacking focus.


Following a one to one briefing on the current situation, I will interview key members of the team to identify stress points and then provide recommendations to support your people through change.

  • Briefing meeting

  • 12 interviews

  • Key recommendations

  • Goal setting

  • Action plan 

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